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California political leaders are only as “green” as their bank accounts

  California political leaders are only as “green” as their bank accounts       By Dawn Lester – Commentary to the Los Angeles Times       Many companies in California witnessed organized crime and political racketeering in the hallowed corridors of the Sacramento State Capitol and it was horrific.     California politicians … Continue reading


(VIDEO) Consumers Find Google to be Unethical With The Public 60 minutes investigation Afghanistan Afghanistan Waste Exhibit A: Kajaki Dam Another Consumer Complaint About Google in Song barack obama Big Ticket Opposition Research Attacks Using Google Bribery burning man Consumer Complaints About Google Consumer Safety Cover-up- The Tesla Motors Scandal Consumers confront Google Executives at Home Corruption Covert Google Operative Discusses Tactics While Working For Eric Schmidt's IQT Department of Energy Dept. of energy diane feinstein Dianne FEinstein DOE Corruption donald trump Elon MUsk Eric Holder and Google Eric Schmidt Facebook gao investigation Gawker Media Google Google's Investores Google AntiTrust Case google defamation Google investors Google Law Suit Google Monopoly Google sex scandal Google Sex Scandals Google Staff Character Studies Google stock market rigging Hillary Clinton How Google "Reads Minds" to try to manipulate votes and purchases How Google Causes It's Employees To Become Whistle-Blowers How Google lied to the public and manipulated expectations I Am Not A Prostitute John Doerr Kleiner Perkins kleiner perkins sex allegations LA Times Investigation lithium ion More Than $300M Spent and Still Not Done A Senate subcommittee is looking at waste by a Pentagon task force. It would do well to review the reasons why a major hydroelectric power plant sits unfinishe NASDAQ: TSLA Nick Denton Ralph Nader On Hostile Corporate Takeover Attempts of Washington DC Senator Upton Silicon Valley solyndra solyndramobile Solyndra scandal Sony hack Space X Steven Chu Steve Spinner Steve Westly Tesla tesla hacked tesla model x Tesla motors The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert The Many Covered-up Deaths Of Tesla Motors Throw Them All Out TSLA wall street journal investigation washington corruption washington corruption investigation What Becomes Of A Consumers Private Data When They Use Google? What Does Google Do With Consumers Deepest Secrets What Does Google Know About You

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  • Verizon just blatantly betrayed net neutrality by excluding its video app from data caps
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  • Software Company Asks Users For Input On DRM; Goes Ahead And Institutes It Anyway Over Their Objections | Techdirt
  • Next month, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on a proposal that would, in its words, “tear down anti-competitive barriers” and let customers access cable through devices other than cable set-top boxes.
  • Denmark confirms US sent rendition flight for Snowden
  • Study: Suspects shocked by Taser “more likely” to waive Miranda Rights
  • It looks like Google wants to charge its self-driving cars wirelessly
  • UC Berkeley profs lambast new “black box” network monitoring hardware: University of California administration says it's just going after "bad actors."
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