From the German Privacy Consortium: “Google exists to mass-harvest people’s privacy and steer their thoughts like cattle are steered and harvested for meat. Don’t be a Google tool. Don’t use anything Google owns. Google watches everything you do and tries to make you do what they want by subtly manipulating your experiences in ways you do not notice.”



See the evidence set of documents HERE and HERE



“Lithium ion batteries, when they burn, cause brain cancer, liver cancer and other, potentially lethal, toxic poisoning. Certain regulators are told to “ignore these issues” because certain lithium ion investors donated cash to certain campaigns. The chemicals for lithium ion batteries come from countries which needed to be invaded in order to monopolize the mining of those chemicals. Certain politicians are told to “ignore these issues” because certain lithium ion investors engaged in war profiteering in order to control those minerals.

The FAA has issued numerous warnings and videos showing that lithium ion batteries do spontaneously self-ignite and crash airplanes. Numerous people have been killed in lithium ion plane crashes. Certain regulators are told to “ignore these issues” because certain lithium ion investors donated cash to certain campaigns. Flight MH370 was carrying tons of lithium ion batteries in it’s cargo hold.

Lithium ion batteries have self-ignited and set numerous children and senior citizens on fire. They have set homes on fire. They have set offices on fire. They have set Apple Stores on fire. You constantly hear about passenger airlines being forced to land because passengers “smell smoke in the cabin”. This is almost always a lithium ion battery going off in the cabin and exposing all of the passengers to it’s carcinogenic ignition vapors.

Silicon Valley investors took over the lithium ion battery market, along with Goldman Sachs (recently called before Congress for this very same “commodity manipulation”), because they knew they were getting large government hand-outs from the Department of Energy in exchange for campaign contributions.

Lithium ion batteries lose their power and memory over a relatively short time. Lithium ion batteries blow up when they get wet or bumped. Fisker Motors went out of business when millions of dollars of Fisker cars, using lithium ion batteries, got wet and all blew up. Tesla battery packs have blown up, on multiple occasions, from simply hitting bumps in the road. Manufacturing these kinds of batteries is so toxic that even China, a country known for the most minimal regulations, has closed a huge number of battery factories because of the massive numbers of deaths they caused to workers and nearby residents.

Journalists have published a glut of articles exposing cover-ups about the dangers and corruption involved with lithium ion batteries. The U.S. Government and numerous groups have filed charges against Panasonic, and similar battery companies for bribery, corruption, dumping, price fixing and other unethical tactics.

Every key investor in lithium ion was also a campaign donor who also received huge federal cash from the Department of Energy in the same funding cycle in which they paid campaign contributions. By driving a Tesla, in addition to the common public perception that it is a “douche-bag car”, there is something far worse about driving it. You are making a public statement to the world that you support organized crime by driving this car. Here is why: Investigators say that, political operatives David Plouffe, Rahm Emanual, Steven Rattner, Bill Daly, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs arranged with Silicon Valley investors to take over the lithium battery industry in order to monopolize the trillions of dollars of lithium, and related mining deals, in Afghanistan.

They say that they traded federal funding for campaign support assisted by Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein, who received numerous stock and cash kickbacks in the scheme. They say they used the money to fund political campaigns. They used the Silicon Valley investors internet companies, (mostly Google), to manipulate voter perceptions and web searches in favor of their agenda. The Silicon Valley investors received favorable federal laws, tax gifts, free federal loans, stock bumps and other perks. The Silicon Valley investors companies that used the Afghan minerals: Abound, Solyndra, Fisker, Ener1, Tesla, and many, many more, that received the Department of Energy kickback funds, managed by Steven Chu, have all either failed, been raided, been charged with fraud or otherwise turned out to be disasters because they were based on a financial fraud skimming scheme instead of a good business plan.

All of these facts are known, in great detail, by many investigators. Nearly a million pages of evidence exist. A Special Prosecutor is required to perform proper prosecutions. No matter what political party you belong to: This is organized crime against the public and you are supporting it if you drive a Tesla. All of this information can now be validated, and confirmed, on any law enforcement or investigative news database.”



Huge Article Comes Out Calling For Special Prosecutor. Discloses White House Staff participation in Organized Crime Scheme (click here for more..)

“GOOGLE IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION”- Report by Investigative Reporters Group

From The Report By The Alliance of Investigative Reporters:

Google is a criminal organization operating in felony violation of numerous City, State, Federal and Constitutional laws.

They are protected from prosecution because The Beneficiary of their crimes: The White House, appointed the heads of the major law enforcement agencies with orders to leave Google alone.

Additionally, The White House has hired and appointed Google staff to major federal positions in order to protect Google’s interests.

Google operates as a front for the CIA, NSA and DNC interests in order to harvest taxpayers intents and subliminally direct their political and buying interests via their page-ranking mood manipulation technology.

Google conduits campaign and issue funding from the U.S. Treasury to White House approved political campaigns via tens of millions of dollars of cash Google receives from the U.S. Treasury, at regular intervals as “service fees”. When confronted, Google claims it is “charging the U.S. for documentation services”. In a U.S. Federal Court, Investigators recently uncovered Google’s attempt to delete court records of it’s carte blanche opening of the public’s emails, in advance of the public even reading their emails.

While the low level workers at Google believe they are working on “wonderful technologies for the future”, The Board of Directors at Google is directing them with the purpose of using those technologies for nefarious purposes.

A higher than normal incident of over-the-top sex scandals, sex clubs, deaths-by-hooker, and escort services incidents are documented around Google, indicating a failed ethics compass within the organization.

Rajeev Motwani, the man who taught Google’s founders the code, was found floating dead in his silicon valley swimming pool from “an unexpected heart attack”. Some say he was killed to shut him up. Over 23 unexpected, convenient deaths are associated with Google.

Eric Schmidt runs a stealth organization called: The New America Foundation. This group is an Illuminati-like political policy direction manipulation organization to conduit billionaire cash into Washington decisions benefitting their business’s and egos.

Google manipulates the news and rankings of the internet in order to improve the appearance of the stock value of it’s associated Silicon Valley VC’s and down-grade the public perception of their enemies.

Google is a monopoly. Google violates Monopoly laws but the White House orders them protected.

Google uses their control of internet perceptions to target and character assassinate reporters, activists and politicians that speak out against them or their VC’s interests.

Because all traditional law enforcement routes against Google have been compromised. The only U.S. Option left is for the public to demand the appointment of A Special Prosecutor. The public should send this report to every elected official and newsdesk and make this demand in writing, in volume.”


“Let’s Play: WHICH ONE ARE WE TALKING ABOUT:! Both are funded by shadowy cash sources who have extreme and targeted political interests. Both operate under a veil of secrecy to enact their evil deeds. Both operate a global empire which seeks to penetrate every aspect of every country. Both have found that trickery can misdirect from their evil deeds until it is too late, and the evil deed is underway. Both are controlled by strange leaders with, widely reported, extreme sexual inclinations. Both control politics in their regions. Both are protected by, and have a campaign cash quid-pro-quo with, the very government leaders that you would think are supposed to protect the people from them. Both want to control your mind and world-views. Both edit the news to hide anything negative about them. More clues? To suck you into their scheme: One offers virgins and the other offers free email. One destroyed 2800 people. One destroyed the privacy, trust, and free will of 5 billion people. OK, Now guess: Which one is Google and which one is Al Qaeda?”   Andrew- LATimes


Hello. I work with the LA Times. I have a few questions:
* Why did Wall Street Journal energy Report David Bird “Disappear”?

* Why did they find Solyndra’s competitor, and whistle-blower: Gary D. Conley with a bullet in his head?

* Why did 3 of Tesla’s top engineers suddenly die in a plane crash at a key moment?

* Why was Rajeev Motwani found floating face-down in his Silicon Valley Swimming Pool?

* Why was a top Google exec killed by a Hooker?

* Why was the head of Tesla Ventures, in Silicon Valley also killed by Hookers?

* Why did the energy-saving auto head of Tata Motors, and friend of The Khosla family, Mr. Slym “fall” off the roof and die?

* Why has every major Washington executive, associated with this incident, suddenly left their job?

* What did California’s Senator Yee know about another Senator who has not yet been arrested?

* What did California’s HHS director James Brown, Jr. know about that same Senator before he was arrested?

* Why was Steve Rattner, the man in the White House in charge of the “Auto Bail-out” indicted for stock market fraud yet not indicted for billions in “Auto Bail-out” losses?

* Why was Raj Gupta arrested and jailed yet none of McKinsey’s white paper purchase orders for The White House and Congress were subpeoned?

* Why are there over 40 suspicious deaths in this situation?

* How are all of these things connected?

* Many of these people “knew where the bodies were buried”, now they ARE the bodies; Why?

* If these things are not connected, how could these “accidents” so dramatically defy all odds of probability?







The international non-profit privacy group: Google-Stop, Intl., has released a new poster. Print it out, below, and post it everywhere. Send it to everybody you can.

Said Reed Evers of the group: “This effort is not “one person’s opinion”. This effort documents the millions and millions of people who think there is something criminally wrong at Google.”

Right click, on top of the image, to download the .png file and print it on typing paper (8.5″x 11″ size) or screen capture it in a photo program, trim it, and print from that.



If you are fluent in other languages, please reproduce this poster in your other language expertise and distribute it in those countries.

Copy the poster art and use it as the footer in your blog comments.

Mention this poster in comments you put in blog postings under related news articles on privacy, Google, data abuse, “big data”, etc. The link to this page is:

Cut and paste the poster .png image file into blogs that let you post, or, upload images.

If you know someone who works at Google, leave a copy of the poster in their mailbox or under their windshield wiper.

Put it on every bulletin board, and other place where there is good visibility.



Is Google getting a bad rap for no reason? Are poor people and poor companies just jealous of Google’s profits? How did Google get in so much trouble?

In 1969 a senior administrator confirmed a budget for four guys in California to try to create a system to put offices on an electronic leash. They connected a few University offices and ARPANET was born.

That turned into the INTERNET and now GOOGLE and their VC’s control most of it. The dream of creating an electronic leash to every living human has been achieved. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Let’s discuss the reasons why people think “Google is evil” and see if it is all just a

Here is the latest list, compiled from the INTERNET, of things that people write that they are upset at Google about:

“Google executives are rich elitist Frat/Sorority people seeking world control for their beliefs.” Is this true?

– “Google venture capital investors in Silicon Valley are rich elitist Frat/Sorority people seeking world control for their beliefs.” Is this true?

“Google forces medium and low income people out of their homes wherever they have offices.” Is this true?

“Google lobbyists and operatives bribe politicians to get laws made that only benefit Google Executives and their VC’s”. Is this true?

“Google was created as a front for the NSA and actually IS the NSA.” Is this true?

“Google exists to harvest personal privacy data by seeming to offer free things to entice you in but sucking all of your information out of you without you noticing while you are in.” Is this true?

“Google has a vast group of people in Silicon Valley called the “UI/UX SWAT TEAM” that spends all day playing mind games on test subjects to see what the best way is to trick people into moving their mouse this way, or that way, in order to control the public when they are in any Google property.” Is this true?

– “Google uses all of your information against you with subliminal marketing to make you buy things you don’t actually need.” Is this true?

– “Google is a secret political agenda voter manipulation device to get everybody to vote a certain way by manipulating search results so it looks like everybody else is doing the same thing.” Is this true?

– “Google stores surveillance information on citizens in huge digital warehouses.” Is this true?


_ “Google rigs it’s search results depending on who their investors like, and don’t like.” Is this true?

“Google never actually erases your personal information.” Is this true?

– “Google “Maps”, “Earth”, “Loon”, “self-driving cars”, “robots”, etc. all are about capturing human activity, logging and storing it for their profit and control.” Is this true?

“Google and their VC’s fight for “immigration laws” so they can import more cheap workers from offshore”. Is this true?

“Google harvests your life data and sells it to marketing and data services so than can digest it and sell it back to you, in sinister subliminal ways, as products.” Is this true?

“Google creates a TED-world glazed-eye glass bubble around all of it’s staff so their workers are trained to think that the technology they are building is for the greater good when it is really for privacy-profiting and belief steering.” Is this true?

– “Google Glass is the world’s most compact spy-system designed to spy on you and get you to spy on those around you.” Is this true?

– “Google demeans women. It hires very few of them. The ones it hires are put in window-dressing positions. Google has replicated and distributed the words: “Ho, Bitch, Shorty, Lttle Girl, Baby, Skank, Ratchet” and other minimizing words that demean women more than any other publisher in the world.” Is this true?

“Google’s user disclosure statements are made to be so complex that only a PHD could understand them, so no Google user understands what they are agreeing to.” Is this true?

“Google wants all workers “perception-controlled” in transit on their buses and boats, at the office with in-building stores, food, snacks and media and after-hours with Google online media.” Is this true?

“Google barges were actually something far more insidious than just “floating stores”, but they got found out and shut down.Is this true?

– Let discuss:

TT- NYT, GHJ-, Scott C S&D, SS-Denver Post


Don’t be evil – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Oct 25, 2013 … ‘If you think that it’s only Facebook fiddling with the parameters of morality, you might be interested to know that Google is evil too. Gmail has … commentisfree/ 2013/ oct/ 25/ evil-facebook-google-beheading-email-abuseView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

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Google World Domination

Most people I tell this two think I’m crazy and this will never happen saying that Google is the best company ever and they will never turn evil. I tend to disagree.

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Google‘s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page made a deal with Verizon to destroy the free and … Sign an open letter to Google and tell them to stop being evil!

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Why I Should Be Google‘s Next CEO (Chief Evil Officer) | LinkedIn

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There are few philosophers today cool enough to be referenced in the Matrix, interesting enough to be mentioned on Six Feet Under, and popular enough to get … books/ about/ The_Intelligence_of_Evil_Or_the_Lucidity.html?id=_TbgYi9ki-gCView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Is Google evil? |

For me this alone is enough to declare “Google is turning Evil” Other Sign of evilness are like not making Chrome customize friendly, stealing user data and … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

On Google & Being “Evil” – Marketing Land

Feb 27, 2012 … “I don’t think they were ever not evil,” I’m quoted as saying about Google in a New York Times column yesterday. True enough, I said that. by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Why Non-Googlers Feel Google Is Evil Via An Ex-Googler

Mar 1, 2013 … Pedro Dias, a former Google search quality rep, and now an SEO, shared his thoughts about why many of those that preach that Google is evil … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NSA Spying Denials Prove That Google is Truly Evil | SiliconANGLE

Jun 8, 2013 … Google has finally been exposed as the deceitful, two-faced entity it really is, and now it’s desperately trying to spin the revelations of the NSA’ s … blog/ 2013/ 06/ 08/ nsa-spying-denials-prove-that-googleis-truly-evil/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

GOOG Stock – Is Google Getting Evil as a Teenager? | InvestorPlace

Sep 27, 2013 … Google (GOOG) has come under fire recently for being a bit more … if the tech giant is getting to be an evil, unruly teenager as it grows up. by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

CATO turns Google Evil (with some help from Mercatus)

Dec 12, 2013 … Not all that long ago, Google was the champion of the Left, when it came to all sorts of issues. I remember how–under the Bush … 2013/ 12/ cato-turns-googleevil-with-some-help.htmlView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight | Fortune: ‘For Google, it pays to be evil during the …

Dec 18, 2013 … Should Google change its motto from “Don’t Be Evil” to “Don’t Gouge Consumers Buying Goods on the Internet”? This holiday season much … deceptive-display/ fortune-for-google-it-pays-to-be-evil-during-the-holidays/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Google– Don’t be evil – Digital Point Forums

[IMG] Google introduced the slogan “Don’t be evil” in 2000 (informal corporate motto) Is Google becoming evil day by day, What’s your though … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Don’t be evil Google motto – Twitter

Dec 16, 2013 … BrentButt Google motto 2015: Evil is such a nasty word, can’t we all be more civil ? Look, here’s two cute robots holding hands. Reply; Retweet … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Cracked Argues With Itself About How Evil Google Is | WebProNews

Nov 18, 2013 … Cracked has put out a new video called “The 5 Most Seemingly Sinister Google Behaviors”. It’s a humorous video in which a guy argues back … cracked-argues-with-itself-about-how-evilgoogleis-2013-11View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Maybe it’s time for Google to rethink its ‘Don’t be evil‘ motto – The …

Jan 25, 2012 … Don’t be evil,” For a long time, Google practiced what it preached. But now in a rapidly changing digital world, we’re not so sure. business/ technology/ maybe-its-time-for-google-to-rethink-its-dont-be-evil-motto/ 2012/ 01/ 25/ gIQAAS0XRQ_story.htmlView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Larry Ellison: Google move ‘evil,’ NSA surveillance ‘essential …

Aug 13, 2013 … In an interview that will do absolutely nothing to erase his reputation as one of the most controversial CEOs in Silicon Valley, Oracle’s Larry … business/ technology/ la-fi-tn-larry-ellison-google-nsa-surveillance-20130813, 0, 4165100.storyView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Google, Apple, Facebook, and the NSA: Tech companies come …

Jan 8, 2014 … Americans may not be paying attention to the NSA scandals—polls inconsistently show that 40 to 50 percent of the country is OK with whatever … articles/ technology/ bitwise/ 2014/ 01/ google_apple_facebook_and_the_nsa_tech_companies_come_together_to_lim it.htmlView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking

Dec 10, 2013 … A slide from an internal NSA presentation indicating that the agency uses at least one Google cookie as a way to identify targets for exploitation. blogs/ the-switch/ wp/ 2013/ 12/ 10/ nsa-uses-google-cookies-to-pinpoint-targets-for-hacking/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet | Threat Level |

Jan 7, 2014 … Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the other tech titans have had to fight for their lives against their own government. An exclusive look inside … threatlevel/ 2014/ 01/ how-the-us-almost-killed-the-internet/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NSA Reportedly Uses Google Cookies To Target Suspects …

Dec 11, 2013 … According to information once again leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency secretly targets suspects using … 2013/ 12/ 11/ nsa-reportedly-uses-google-cookies-to-target-suspects/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Snowden latest: NSA stalks the human race using Google, ad cookies

Dec 12, 2013 … The already strained relationship between Google and the NSA has got a little bit worse, after claims in the latest Snowden leak that … 2013/ 12/ 12/ snowden_latest_nsa_using_google_cookies_to_id_internet_users/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, say reports | Politics and Law …

Sep 12, 2013 … If a recently leaked document is any indication, the US National Security Agency – – or its UK counterpart — appears to have put on a Google suit … 8301-13578_3-57602701-38/ nsa-disguised-itself-as-google-to-spy-say-reports/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Google, Apple, and Microsoft Agree: NSA Spying Undermines …

Dec 9, 2013 … A total of eight prominent tech companies are urging President Obama and Congress to rein in the surveillance state. politics/ archive/ 2013/ 12/ google-apple-and-microsoft-agree-nsa-spying-undermines-freedom/ 282143/ View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Could Google and the NSA Make Whistleblowers Disappear? | The

Dec 3, 2013 … Why Google and the NSA prove we are not far from the world Orwell imagined in his novel 1984. article/ 177430/ could-google-and-nsa-make-whistleblowers-disappearView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Google, Facebook Ask NSA to Back Off – Businessweek

Dec 23, 2013 … Google Inc. (GOOG), Facebook Inc. (FB) and other Internet companies expressing outrage over the National Security Agency intercepting their … news/ 2013-12-23/ data-are-money-for-google-to-facebook-wanting-nsa-to-back-offView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

NSA chief addresses report agency taps into Google, Yahoo data …

Oct 31, 2013 … The chief of the National Security Agency addresses Washington Post report alleging agency taps into Google, Yahoo data links. by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Google Is Evil | Wired Business |

It’s bad enough when you run a search company in an increasingly social world. It’s worse when anti-trust regulators say you have unfairly and illegally used your dominance in search to promote your own products over those of competitors. Now Google executives, who like to boast of their company

BBC – Future – Technology – Is Google autocomplete evil?

The wit and wisdom of Google A UN campaign recently used Google autocomplete to argue that sexism is prevalent…but what does the tool really tell us about how we think?


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