Who Is Taking Down The Internet? A Fun Way To Kill A Few Hours

Who Is Taking Down The Internet? A Fun Way To Kill A Few Hours

You can go to:


…enter any of the numbers below, and read the backgrounders about the people running DDOS “ion cannon” ping attacks on the worlds websites.

In many cases, it is not who you might suspect. In order to hide news stories, certain “political candidates” have warehouses full of servers in Bulgaria, The Ukraine, Istanbul, Singapore, Texas and other odd places that are set up to fire millions of hits at Drudge Report or other digital news sites in order to censor information and take down news stories. Voat.co found that, at least, two of these sites were discovered to be under the control of a big White building in Washington, DC.

Here is the list of the latest attackers (Supplied by Symmantec, Bluehost, Krebs and McAfee) who are firing massive rounds of pings and attempts at CERTAIN websites.

Be a digital detective and enter each IP address in the WHOIS reporter, above and read all of the interesting data about each character. It is a fun way to spend a Thursday night. Some people think that groups of these are state-sponsored contractors operating for states outside of the countries where they are located. While that is kind of like the New York Times trying to deliver the Wall Street Journal on their paper-route, it serves to keep the veil of deniability at a certain level.

Just cut and paste each of these numbers into the search field in the link at
http://www.whois.com/whois/, click the “search” button and have fun:



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