Who Were The Assassins of Gawker Media?

Who Were The Assassins of Gawker Media?





Gawker Media and Gizmodo could not have dragged any more hell and nightmares along with it as it falls into the abyss of retribution from Peter Thiel, Palmer Luckey, Matt Forney, Rick Santorum, Sean Parker, All Women, Gamers, XP Vehicles, Sandy Montenegro, Napster, Mitt Romney, The Pallin’s, Vladimer Putin, France and over 1000 other entities that Nick Denton and his band of deviant schoolboys were hired to attempt to kill.



Gawker’s Nick Denton, John Herrman, Adrian Covert and John Cook are publicly documented as having a life-time of surveillance contracted on them for their attacks and indiscretions.



It is rumored that either Peter Thiel, or another party, traded over a million dollars of patents and stock to a national private investigation service (possibly a company called Stratfor), to monitor Denton/Herrman/Covert/Cook forever to see if they hire rent boys, cheat on taxes, buy drugs, get paid under the table or do any illegal deed whatsoever. It is entirely legal to do that. It is entirely illegal for those Gawker boys to do those crimes, though.



In the Gawker bankruptcy, an entire list of the hired character assassins of the Gawker hatchet-job empire has been revealed in court records. Here are the people who are being banned from any future employment and who are now, individually, going to be sued for selling their souls as character assassins, shills, and company killers for pay, hired by corrupt politicians and dirty campaign financiers:




The media, and collaborative citizen journalists, have created an online digital file on each one of these little dickens with the idea of tracking their careers and social lives forever. Now they can see how they like it.

See more at:









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