Help Fund This Class Action Lawsuit Against RICO Media Rigging And Silicon Valley Media Lies





Do you feel like the Media is in Control of Our Country?

Whether it is Fox News, or CNN or any other news agency, the fact is they are intentionally reporting false and misleading stories that are intended to manipulate the audiences beliefs to bias the opinions based on their motives.
Moreover, it is creating a heighten sense of distrust and divide in our Nation. For example, the highest office in the world, our Presidency is being decided by the news reports of FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and others.

These reports that claim to be “NEWS” are nothing more than jaded advertisements disguised as news which misleads the general public ability to vote based on factual information needed to make an educated vote.

Recently, through the aid of WikiLeaks, emails have been discovered the prove that the mainstream media is acting with bias malice and disreguard for the publics right to have the truth. 
The campaign advertising of our political leaders continuously print, publish and advertise knowingly false information about their opponents. This creates a “lesser of 2 evils” scenario in which we the voters feel demoralized that our political leaders are not moral, therefore despite who wins we feel as if all of Washington is corrupt and broken.

Our legislation & Legal actions is intended to mandate that political advertisements must report the full set of facts, not clips, or bits used to misrepresent the truth.
Our legislation and legal actions is intended to mandate that any News organization is required to perform due diligence in reporting all of the facts and if knowingly omits any portion therof, or fails to perform its due diligence in researching for all of the truth will be fined and penalized, ultimately being prohibited from labeling themselves a news outlet.

We believe the freedom of speech does act as a shield of protection for News Agencies or Political Leaders to intentionally and knowingly falsify or mislead its audience.

It is my most sincere hope that we the body of America, stand up to all News Agencies and all Political Leaders and Parties and demand that new laws are written to protect the Truth in News and Elections such that we, as individuals can form our beliefs based upon facts and not intentional misrepresentation.

Please join me in this crusade to author and propose legislation that will be passed into law to protect our Country from any attempt by the Media or our Political leaders to influence your beliefs based upon false reports.

Help spread the word!


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